Our Crash Courses at LetsGoKiev are designed for those of our clients who are looking for a very intensive Individual or Group Course, in order to meet their learning necessities.

These Crash Courses vary between 6 and 8 hour day course during 6 days. The purpose of these courses are for people, mainly professionals, who need a quick and intense immersion in Russsian Language to get a good grasp of it in order to be able to master the basic expressions and structures because they have been relocated to a Russian speaking country, have an important meeting ahead, etc.

Our Crash Courses consist of one teacher and one student (Individual course) 6 hours a week during 6 days a week; or either a Group Course of 6 or 8 hours a week 6 days a week.

As these Courses are very intense, they are designed to last 1 week. If our client would like or has the need to continue with his/her training we will recommend a 4 hour course for another week (either Individual or in Group).