Our Individual Courses in LetsGoKiev are designed to meet our clients’ specific needs.

These needs may vary from a client who has decided to spend 2 weeks in Kiev for holidays and is interested in learning the Russian Alphabet and some basic words in order to move around the city investing 1 hour of his/her time a day; a business person who urgently needs to get a good grasp of the Russian Language to be able to understand a basic conversation and communicate for the upcoming meeting, investing 4 hours a day; or an expat who plans to live in a Russian speaking country and needs a special training before or during his/her stay not only to introduce into the language but also the culture.

Our Individual Courses are always planned and designed with each of our clients personally either in advance or in our Office. That is why, in LetsGoKiev, we offer a wide range of courses, as each client needs to meet different specific goals.

Basically, they are designed in a 1 to 1 (teacher + student) or 1 to 2 (one teacher + two students) basis, so our client can have a total personalized experience concerning their learning period.

This courses may vary from 1 hour a day 3 days a week up to 5 hours a day 6 days per week (for more hours see our Crash Courses).