Our Russian courses are based around group lessons which not only give you a good command of the Russian language through traditional learning techniques, but which also give you an opportunity to practice your Russian with other learners from all over the world. The social aspect makes our lessons fun, and gives you a chance to actually use the language you’re learning, which is proven to increase learning speed and retention. Classes are limited in size to ten students, so that you can take advantage of the social element whilst also getting the personal, one-to-one attention you deserve to help you improve the areas that you may be less sure of.

Group classes are available all year round, and pupils may join a group in progress after passing an entrance test to ascertain their level. If on the start date there is only one person in the group, individual lessons will be provided until other students join, at a slightly different rate due to the personal focus.

Testing has shown that people who participate in our group classes get a head start on results testing, and demonstrate greater retention for the material over longer periods of time.