Enjoy your independence and international friends

You can choose to share a student flat with other Russian Speaking students. In a student apartment you’ll prepare your own meals and interact with students of all ages and backgrounds who normally speak several languages (Russian, Ukrainian, English and French, German, Spanish or Italian). We recommend you make a pact about speaking Russian in the apartment, so you can take the most out of your experience.

About shared student flats:

– Although the student apartments are not very luxurious, they include all the basic facilities: a bed, table or desk, chair and a closet wardrobe.
– Each student apartment has a living room with TV, a fully equipped kitchen, a washing machine and an iron.
– No telephones are available in student flats; we suggest you use buy a local sim which will allow you to make very cheap calls inside Ukraine and go to cafes were via WiFi you can call home using Skype.
– You share the kitchen and the bathroom and, together, keep the house clean..

Our student residences are a friendly, international environment, with plenty of opportunities to socialize, and they’re sited not far from the classroom for optimum convenience. Each building includes facilities for study and relaxation, and they’re not far from the town’s conveniences like cafes and shops.

Things to know:


  • You can choose from an individual, double or triple room.
  • Living rooms and dining rooms are shared, including washing machines and televisions.
  • You have the option of preparing your own meals in a shared kitchen or being catered for.
  • The people staying in student residences like this tend to be from a wide range of nationalities and personal interests. There’s sure to be a few people you will get along with in such a setting.
  • As with the student flats, we recommend you obtain a local SIM card for your own phone or set up roaming with your original SIM card, as we do not provide phone facilities.
  • Bed linen is provided, but bring your own towels for maximum comfort.